2016 Election

votingHillary or Donald ?

Isn’t that a scary thought? I shiver every time either one of them talk or make a mistake or apologize or don’t. I will vote, though. I have to so I can complain. Isn’t that why we do it? I go for the social. Some of my best friends will be up there voting, too. Should I bring a thermos of coffee and cupcakes? Tea sandwiches? This is awful! But I did find this on the internet, you know it knows everything, and I thought I’d share. This is by Darin Meeks. Sounded pretty good to me.

So grab your lunch and go for the day. Early voting in Texas is Oct 24-Nov 4. Get out there America and vote!

2 responses to “2016 Election”

  1. Dan and Debbie Clark says:

    Judy, I just had to check out your blog. We really had a blast on the trip to Sicily/Rome. Deb and I enjoyed getting to know one of our neighbors, here in Mansfield. I like your blog. Wish I was that creative. Oh well, we had to say hello.

  2. Judy says:

    I had a great time, too. Now back to work. hee-hee. I’ve got a couple of blogs I need to post before Thanksgiving. So – Happy Thanksgiving!

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