Go Alabama

For ever my husband has been for Alabama even though he’s from Tennessee. Our entire married life, like this game, he and his brother, Bill, play phone tag. neither one answering depending on who’s winning. Over and over, year after year, this is how it would go.

My husband, Braden, “Bill, did you get that score?” when they’re winning. “Judy, don’t answer that phone!” when they’re losing. If it’s close. I’ll find him in the computer room playing internet checkers with some 6 year old in China! He can’t stand it.

Bill won’t answering his phone. And Braden would be playing checkers right now. And it’s so early. I hope Alabama doesn’t get cocky. I’m going to go for a walk!


One response to “ROLL TIDE”

  1. Christy says:

    And Buzzie would stay in the computer room not watching the game because it was too stressful.

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