Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday


I got my ashes early at the 7am mass I missed. I picked up some for me, blessed of course, and got a tiny bit extra for my favorite priest.

This was after I took my youngest daughter to the airport, getting up at 5:00am to make her 8:15 flight. Like her daddy always said, “better to be 3 hours early than 1 minute late.” And he only said that because, I don’t know. Okay, yes, I did miss a couple of flights.

As it turned out some “wack-o” lady on the plane decided she didn’t want to go after all so as the plane pulled away from the terminal, she got a carry-on bag and walked up to the front demanding she be let off. After some discussion, they all returned. The people in the back of the plane started complaining that they saw her bring on two bags. Now everyone had to get off the plane. Police were everywhere. The flight was delayed for several hours so security could dig through the plane and luggage. That was scary. Sooo, since my daughter now has a 6 hour lay-over in Seattle, I told her to go find a chapel and see if she could get her ashes.

Then the email back and forth from my granddaughter who over slept and didn’t get her ashes until late. See her tiny cross. However, her mother managed to get enough for the entire Lee family. (Lilly’s in college and in another city from her mom. Obviously a poor school parish.)

“You have to give up something, ya’ know.” I wasn’t born yesterday. Chocolate, cheese, bad thoughts (about the wack-o), bad words, which day Lent actually begins, and the fact that it is not a Holy Day of Obligation. Phew. I love my girls dearly all 6 of them but Ash Wednesday does not start on Good Friday! And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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    Ha ha this is definitely a good one

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