2016 Election

Hillary or Donald ? Isn’t that a scary thought? I shiver every time either one of them talk or make a mistake or apologize or don’t. I will vote, though. I have to so I can complain. Isn’t that why we do it? I go for the social. Some of my best friends will be up there voting, too. Should I bring a thermos of […]

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One day in court

One day in court

No, I’m not an attorney, but one of my daughters is. So from time to time we end up here. Of course, we do. Don’t get all huffy. She’s a Tax Attorney. So sometimes those little tax issues turn into huge estate issues and that gets pretty messy. I’m one of my daughter’s paralegals, meter feeder, note taker, note giver, critiquer, reviewer, listener, observer, driver, […]

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