Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Can you say, Alleluia?

I had the best Easter. After I got over that horrible death (Jesus dying on the cross), and listening to the Dynamic Catholic series, I was ready for anything. I spent it with my daughter, Andrea, and her family in Georgetown, Texas. The Easter bunny gave me what I had been looking for – Sling Back footies.  Couldn’t find them anywhere. 

My granddaughter, Lilly, got a basket full of all sorts of chocolates and candies that her puppies found enjoyable before she even got one bite. How their short little dachshund legs got on top of the table, I’ll

never know.


The day before Easter, I thought I was going to meet Jesus personally when I was treated to iFly. You know, that little tunnel of love full of hurricane force winds? First you have to have a class from this really cute little 12 year old. “Put your hands like this, open your fingers, this, “and he points to the chart on the wall, “is the signal to bend your knees, open your legs straight, blah, blah, blah.” I missed a couple of hand signals. I’m sure he’ll tell me when I’m doing something wrong. Oh yea, when he points up he’s not saying, “you’re number one.” Uh huh. Got it. “Push your stomach out, like this, arms ready and then just fall in. Relax.” Sure.

Lilly did the best. She’s young and afraid of nothing. Did she practice? Look how easy. She was a natural sailing up and down and all around. What fun. Andrea screamed the whole way up and the whole way down. She went the highest of any of us. I lost her for a minute because I couldn’t lean that far over with the suit on. Actually it was my stomach that prevented me from bending over. 

When it was my turn I thought I was going to die. If he hadn’t pulled me in I would have blown right out the doorway. My safety glasses mashed into my eyes just like diving off the block at a swim meet when your goggles go askew. Oh my gosh, I’m blind! I had to go back to the doorway to get them fixed. I thought for a moment he was going to say, “Get out! You’re awful.” But he didn’t. Once they were adjusted & tightened so my eyeballs touched the plastic screen, it was great! I could feel my cheeks flapping in the wind as I, we, actually, because he held onto the back of my suit as if I was going to run away, soared. I smiled causing my cheeks to fill with air and tried to wave when an arm bent my elbow back into the flying position. I felt slobber smear across my cheeks. Ewe. What was the signal for “relax” as my whole body went ridged with fright, I mean, excitement. Getting out was even better. He reminded us that there is no wind out there so you must bend your knees. For me, he cracked the back of my knees with his arm and just pushed me out!

“Do you want your video?” the guy at the counter asked. “Video of what?” My eye make-up was cloistered beneath my lower eye lid and the smeared slobber gave me a perpetual smile. I couldn’t see anything for the first half of my flight and I definitely didn’t want to see the last part.

Thankfully I have short hair but Andrea’s and Lilly’s was a tangled mess. Which reminds me. Always watch what the instructor is wearing. He had on a swim cap and cowl covering his head and hair that he tucked inside his suit.

This wasn’t even on my bucket list! I don’t even have a bucket list but for some reason that list of “never before dreamed of doing” seems to be popping up everywhere. Maybe I’ll try some ice climbing the next time I’m in Alaska. NOT!

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  1. Curly Lee says:

    That is so great! Nice visual. Hahaha

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