img_0568Corner Garden

Every year I plan out my flower garden. This year I thought I’d tackle the one spot that gets no sun or water from the sprinkler. I can hand water. Always so hopeful. I scour all available nurseries, anywhere that sells flowers. The “rack” sideways with different saucers purchased for a steal from the Salvation Army is perfect. (I’ve got to post this on Pintrest). It’s a work in progress.
And see that little white thing on the fence next to the chair? (Another clever idea that you can use). It’s the soap dish from my bathroom remodel. Just couldn’t throw it out.  Now what do I put in there?bird-feeder

By summers end, my little sanctuary looks so much different. Did I do something wrong? To be fair, I was gone for 2 weeks in August. There is one unusual phenomena.img_0985

I received a poinsettia at Christmas last year. Of course it lost all the beautiful red foliage. I threw placed it carefully in my garden just to see if it would grow. Well, seems to be doing ok. I’m not being fooled. There are still several months before December. Was I suppose to cut it back? Look, I’m lucky there’s green on it, okay?

Now onto fall foliage. Back to the stores! I’ll keep you posted.





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