Hurricane Matthew

Cancelled my trip to St. Augustine, Fl. Thursday. One of my best girlfriends invited us for a visit. By us, I mean Patsy, Vince and his wife, Sally. Except for Sally, we all went to school in England together. Our dads were USAF stationed there in the early 1960s. I was in the 9th grade and they, 8th. Two years ago, we had a class reunion. RAF STATION MOLESWORTH AND ALCONBURY. Vince spent like 10 years hunting about 50 of us down and we found a few more. (I say “we” but I was the cheerleader). Now that we’ve reunited with each other we’ve rekindled our passion of laughter and adventure. Patty, her husband, George, and their new puppy, packed up and left their island home. They went to visit their daughter in Atlanta. What a mess is being made on their street. OH MY GOSH. I would have been stuck right there. Does she have enough food…adult beverage…the important stuff! Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…

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  1. Vince says:

    It occurred to me on Thursday night that early October of this year was our original planned time for the next reunion in Savannah. In a weird way, I guess we’re lucky that it didn’t work out. Pressing on for next year! Hoping the damage to Patti and George’s place is minimal.

  2. Glad your friends got out of harm’s way! Such a terrifying force of nature, one I can’t even comprehend. (Being a Coloradan, our worst scare is blizzards but even those don’t come close to the slightest of hurricanes.)

    Best wishes in rescheduling your trip!

    And best wishes in your blogging venture! You’re off to fabulous start! ❤️

  3. Joyce says:

    Congratulations, Judy! Very nicely done! Your stories are engaging and your pictures very striking! What you’ve shared is sometimes called “slice of life” – I don’t personally do those (I’m grandkid-project oriented) but I enjoy reading about the everyday “goings-on” of other grandmothers. You’ve got a fun journey ahead of you! Welcome!
    And Lisa? A very busy lady who always has time for someone else!

  4. Pat says:

    Thankfully this hurricane has not been as bad as predicted, but even one death is too many from any storm. Glad your friends are OK!

    • Judy says:

      Unfortunately, Matthew’s visit to St. Augustine wasn’t nice. Patti and George’s new home now will be renovated. All down stairs was full of water and mud. Clean-up is a mess with the trees down, inviting the golf course into their livingroom. But they’re ok. Everything else is just cosmetic. And like most disasters, it’s raining there, too. When it rains…

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