Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Texas Winter

We don’t get much snow here in Texas but other people do. Last January I visited my daughter, Christy, in Alaska. They do have snow and lots of it.

Big Lake, Alaska

I packed all my winter sweaters that I can only wear once during our winter season. Here, I wash them by hand and lay them flat to dry right out on the patio since we’ll certainly get up to 70° in a day or two. As a matter of fact, it’s hit 76° several times this winter and will again Thursday. When we first moved to Texas, the hospital administrator (my husband built HCA hospitals) told us that, “here, we have 6 weeks of winter, just not in a row.”

I didn’t like that since we moved from Morehead, Kentucky with plenty of winter to a place that only has some of a winter. I was use to putting away the summer clothes at the beginning of fall and replacing everything with winter gear. After the first year, I kind of liked it. It’s a nice break.

Our closets were jammed with all season clothes. “Don’t put my shorts away, mom,” someone would say as I stuffed those shorts beneath the sweatpants in their over-flowing drawers. “Has anybody seen my sandals?” “Yea, the dog was chewing on something earlier.” “Mom…” Has no one noticed I’ve changed my name to Dad?

Laurie’s dogs in Waco, TX Don’t get up. I’ll sit on the floor!

But we have other things, like thunder, that my good friend, Toby, doesn’t understand when he comes to Texas wagging his tail. They don’t have thunder in Alaska. We might have droughts during the 100° temperatures in August that my other little friend, Amigo, doesn’t have in Wisconsin. And the other 5 dogs, well, they’re use to Texas weather. 

Amigo. Where’s a dog to pee?


Can you see that mailbox hiding under a pile of snow?

Just like washing your car will make it rain, putting on the electric blanket will certainly raise the outside temperature. Now I’m sweating. I’ll give it a few days.

This week we hit 80 twice but alas, it’s going to get cold again. Do I care? Not when I’m in bed under my electric blanket. Christy, in Anchorage, is enjoying some warmer weather today. It’s 18° currently. It was -11° a couple of days ago. Brad, son, in Oshkosh, WI is shoveling snow at 12°.

Becca & her snowman. Show off!

He’ll be taking off his jacket on Tuesday when it gets to a high of 30°. Who lives like that? Burr. We here in Texas get cold at 70°. Don’t make fun or I’ll invite you for a visit in August!


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