One day in court

One day in court

No, I’m not an attorney, but one of my daughters is. So from time to time we end up here.

Of course, we do. Don’t get all huffy. She’s a Tax Attorney.

So sometimes those little tax issues turn into huge estate issues and that gets pretty messy. I’m one of my daughter’s paralegals, meter feeder, note taker, note giver, critiquer, reviewer, listener, observer, driver, etc. I’m a typical Girl Friday. Personally speaking, she’s pretty darn smart, winning nearly every single case but not without extensive research and strategy.  Estates usually have multi-lawyers and they have multi-lawyers all trying to defend themselves and their clients against the evil forces that wander the planet.

So it’s not uncommon to see her alone at a table with 3-6 male attorneys at the other table all representing their clients in a single matter. I can tell you right now that it is nothing like Law and Order, at all! There are a few things from which I am barred – from my phone “turn your phone off, mom,” approval at judge’s decision, “do not dare clap,” don’t laugh, don’t object, and don’t ask questions!” I have to sit behind the bar.

Waiting at the cross walk.

Fort Worth Police Department

But there is another, equally smarty pants in her office and you’ve got to meet him. He never goes to court. His name is Toby, the never-leave-home-without-him, dog, the-who-goes-there greeter, the always hungry snack eater, the toasty mess-up-your- outfit lap warmer, the “you-don’t-have-anything-else-to-do scratch my bellyer”, and the office manager. He patrols the area like a blood hound, graciously and humbly accepting gifts from the resident paralegal, lovingly referred to as Auntie Laura, and is sorely missed by everyone if he’s at spa day. The messenger pouts, the mailman mumbles, and her clients give her the eye if Toby is not there to greet them. I’m telling you this because Toby has his own legal blog. Do you believe it?
Check it out.





Where’s their lights? Where’s their sirens? So when we say, “Don’t mess with Texas,” I guess, we mean it! Getty-up.

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