Pillow Rescue

Cover a Worn Pillow

in 5 easy steps. Even though I cover my pillows with a pillow case, feathers seems to sneak out at night while I’m sleeping and get all over my hair, and the bed, and the floor.

What you need:

An old feather pillow. This feather pillow was given to me by my father/USAF.

Scrap material

Sewing machine


  1. Lay pillow on a flat surface. I use the floor since most of my flat surfaces are already buried occupied with other important projects
  2. The pattern is made by just putting scrap material-something heavy, like cotton duck, over the pillow, overlapping to allow for the seam allowance
  3. Pin it and cut it, and seam 3 of the four sides.
  4. Stuff the pillow, case and all (extra protection) into the new case
  5. Top stitch the 4th side, tucking under the raw edge. You could iron that seam allowance on the fourth side to make it easier to sew but only if you have the iron out already

BOOM! Finished.




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