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Somebody poke my eyes out if I have to watch another debate! Did you watch it last night? Did either candidate answer any of the questions? They talked and told everyone what the other party was going to do. “Donald is going to …” “Hillary is going to …” Ugh! Why didn’t those moderators ask each “HOW?” How are you going to make life better for everyone? How are you going to create jobs? How are you going to fix this or that? Yikes. Are we picking a fight with Russia? In the sixth grade, I had to pray for their conversion everyday in Catholic school. Don’t get me wrong. I’m from Texas and I’m old and I am going to vote. I’m one of the Baby Boomers that, like you, will probably be the last Americans to receive Social Security because all of those people in the government, Republicans and Democrats, decided to spend our money. They didn’t even ask me.



You know they have their own medical plans? Why don’t they have to have Obamacare if it’s all that good? Yeah. And Hillary calling it the “Affordable Care Act. Somebody in the audience didn’t agree. Aren’t all the insurance companies leaving Texas except Blue Cross/Blue Shield (read that on the internet). Holy Moley!




And Donald wanting to tear down the state lines? Please don’t. There’s some pretty awesome laws in some of those states. We the People… (I had to memorize it, too but unfortunately that’s all I can remember).We’re doomed. But you’ve got to vote. Just do it! Years from now when we’re 100 it really won’t matter. Countries will still be fighting, people will still be starving, and I’ll have a new group to pray for.

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  1. Christy says:

    I promised I wouldn’t watch this debate, but I couldn’t help myself. Not sure why I watched because it will not change my vote. I received zero answers and still don’t know how Hillary is going to fix the Affordable Health Care Act…. I did think it was funny that Donald had all of Bill Clinton’s past “girlfriends” there. Can you say awkward? Anyway, maybe some day we will actually hear their plans on Donald’s “Going to Make America Great Again,” and Hillary’s “Go to my website and fact check what Donald states.”

  2. Laureena Minnihan says:

    I had to work. I refuse to watch those people, but I knew y’all would have the skinny!

  3. Ginger Brune says:

    Judy’s Junk Drawer is so dead on! What an amazing blog! Enjoy reading so much. Keep ’em coming!

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