tiding-socks-2Smiling with joy.

My sock drawer was a mess. Now I can see every last one of them. I have successfully “Tidied” one dresser. I did one closet and now I need to rest. See how my socks love each other? Then I thought I’d sort through my sweaters. I think someone put their sweaters in my drawers because I don’t remember them. Texas doesn’t allow for much winter wear. So of the six drawers, I ended with 4!!

tiding-sockstiding-8Nice, huh?

The closet was a little more challenging. I did have to “thank you for your service” many items that were obviously sized incorrectly.

tiding-thank-you1tiding-3I put my purses on end just like the book said. Not really sure why since, as a general rule, I only use a fanny pack. And that’s not true either, I take only my keys and an ID/credit card case into the store – what more does one need? Without a purse and those pesky little green bills and coins, I find I don’t pick up the trivia. Go big or go home.


Finally, I boxed my “thank yous” and put them neatly in the garage for my next garage sale right after I go back through them to be sure they truly are out of style.




Next year I’ll try another closet. It’s exhausting.

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  1. Laureena says:

    Holy cow that’s awesome!

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